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วัดไทยภาวนาบัลลารัท ประเทศออสเตรเลีย | Wat Thai Bhavana Ballarat Australia.png

Wat Thai Bhavana Ballarat Australia

วัดไทยภาวนา บัลลารัท ประเทศออสเตรเลีย


Wat Thai Bhawana is a Thai temple belonging to Maha Nikaya. It was built to serve as a place of practice for Buddhists and foreigners who are interested in studying meditation and meditation. in the name of Thai Bhawana because of the beginning arise from the gathering of Thai people who invited monks to teach meditation Praying at Ballarat until the idea to have a temple be built in Ballarat Its origins originated from Thai Buddhists who lived in Ballarat. began to have more and wishes to have a religious place In order to be a training and refinement according to the Buddhist guidelines. In this regard, Mr. Samang Yuanjit, who is the secretary of the Thai Association in Ballarat. At that time, another group of Thais was gathered to travel to ask for advice and arrathana Nimon monks from Thai Nakorn Melbourne Temple. At that time, the abbot, namely Phrakhru Kamphi Panya Withes (Boonsom Kamphirapanyo), had a meeting of the monks. and received 2 monks who volunteered to travel to help their relatives at Ballarat, namely Phra Mahawanawat Chutipanyo and Phra Maha Pathom Chagaro, the 20th Dhammaduta foreign monk, both of whom He is the one who is a Patimokkha and is a monk who can teach the Dharma and Discipline to his relatives.

Wat Thaibhavana Ballarat has an area of 10 acres or about 25 rai, with the east adjacent to the homes of Australians Kiad and Jenny. in the south, adjacent to the animal husbandry of the Ballarat people. and the west side is adjacent to Mr. May and Mr. Peter. which is the one who recommended that the temple and the committee come to buy this place

วัดไทยภาวนาบัลลารัท ประเทศออสเตรเลีย _ Wat Thai Bhavana Ballarat Australia.jpg
วัดไทยภาวนาบัลลารัท ประเทศออสเตรเลีย _ Wat Thai Bhavana Ballarat Australia

In the area of 10 acres, it is divided into 3 parts:

The first part is the Buddhawasa area.  The front of the temple in the east will be used as a place to create a source for learning Buddhism, including 4 places of worship, which will be enshrined. Buddha images in various postures, namely, the posture of the birth, the enlightenment, the first sermon, and the nirvana

The second part is the Dhammawasa area.  The area in the middle will be used as a place to make merit, discuss dharma, practice dharma practice for interested monks and laypeople.

The third part is the Sangkhawasa area.  The area behind the west side will be used as a construction site for monks to live. especially in order not to mix with the outside and to create tranquility suitable for dwelling and practicing dharma

Wat Thai Phawana Ballarat It is a temple that has a new management style, with the abbot is Phrakhru Palad Thongdaeng Wisutthayano who gave the opportunity to use the system of unity to do It is a system in which the Dhammaduta lives together and plans to do independently on a daily basis. It has been approved to give advice and support very well from its parent temple, Wat Thai Nakorn Melbourne, by Phra Kru Kamphee Panya Vides all along.

Wat Thai Phawana Ballarat Since the appointment in 2016 to the present, there are 2 main missionary monks:

Phra Mahawanawat Chutipanya, 40 years old, 19 Vassa, Wat Chai Chumphon Chon Songkhram Temple, Kanchanaburi

Phra Maha Pathom Chakaro, 40 years old, 19 Vassa, Wat Thepleela, Bangkok

The important Buddha image of the temple is Luang Por Sila, a Buddha image in the attitude of preaching, which is carved from volcanic rock from Indonesia. It is priceless Buddha image in the temple since the first year that it was founded, led by Mr. Sombat Chaemkhla, for the merit declaration for faith and to those who would like to offer to the main Buddha image in the temple, to worship on various occasions. The current temple location is 19 Griffeys Lane Mount Helen Vic 3350.

วัดไทยภาวนาบัลลารัท ประเทศออสเตรเลีย _ Wat Thai Bhavana Ballarat Australia.jpg

Phra Khru Palad Thongdaeng Wisutthayano

Abbot of Thai Bhavana Temple, Ballarat, Australia






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Wat Thai Bhavana Ballarat

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Vic 3350 Australia

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