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Wat Thai Buddharam Brisbane

วัดไทยพุทธาราม นครบริสเบน ประเทศออสเตรเลีย


In the mid-1980s, the most senior monks of Thailand, under the leadership of Somdet Phra Maharatchamangkalajan, Abbot Wat Paknam Phasi Charoen, Bangkok, Phra Prommoli, Abbot Wat Yannawa, Bangkok, Phra Dhammakhunaporn, Ecclesiastical Governor of Kanchanaburi Province and Phra Rajapriyatti suthi, Ecclesiastical Governor of Suphanburi Province. The senior monks having contemplated the history of Buddhism, noted with regret, the fact that it almost disappeared from India. They hoped that it would be helpful and do good to establish Buddhism in the West.

In 1987, these senior monks desired to build a Thai temple in Brisbane. To achieve this, they sent Phramaha Chana Thammathacho and Phra Norman Thammanussorn to Brisbane, to facilitate the acquisition of land for the temple. The temple, in the Theravada tradition, would be named Wat Thai Buddharam. On January 24, 1991, a property was acquired at 398 Waterford Road, Ellengrove, Brisbane, Queensland. In 1995, the monks were informed that the land would be resumed by the State Government, as the proposed Logan Motorway would cross the property. The monks set about the task of finding a new property, as they would have to relocate.

In 1996  The Ellen Grove temple was resumed by the Main Roads Department and the monks were paid $280,000 compensation. Around this time, the temple board had located a new property, at 1-11 Paradise Road, Forestdale, Logan City, about 28km from Brisbane City. The Forestdale property was suitable for future development and unlikely to be impacted by future highway expansion. The temple board resolved to purchase the land for $260,000 and moved in on February 6, 1996.

In 2003  Phra Dhammakhunaporn, the then Ecclesiastical Governor of Kanchanaburi Province, sadly died while on a pilgrimage to India. After his passing, the Sangha Council of Thailand appointed Phra Sophonkanchanaporn as the supervisor of Wat Thai Buddharam. Phra Dhammakhunaphon’s good work continues to be carried on with love and dedication by Phra Sophonkanchanaporn, who is the current patron of both Australian temples. He continues to support the Australian temples in many ways and ensures that they receive regular visits and guidance from senior monks in Thailand.

In 2005  The "Luangpho Paiboon Pavilion" was constructed at Wat Thai Buddharam, at a cost of $AU950,000. The pavilion was built in memory of the founder of the temple and was officially opened on April 23, 2006. The opening ceremony, with a total of twenty-three (23) monks, was led by Phra Promwethi, the Abbot of Wat Phra Pathom Chedi, Nakon Pathom.

วัดไทยพุทธาราม บริสเบน (25).jpg
วัดไทยพุทธาราม บริสเบน (112).jpg

In 2010, King Bhumibol Adulyadej presented the temple’s first Kathin Robe to Mrs. Patama Duncan, Mrs. Suwanee Ematsuda and Mr. Supakorn Ematsuda who raised a total of $AU180,000, to assist in paying off the construction debt of the Pavilion. This year, a ceremony was held to mark the fifteenth (15th) anniversary of the opening of the Pavilion and to dedicate merit to the senior founder monks and the benefactors who supported the temple’s construction. The ceremony was attended by Logan City Council Mayor, Pam Parker, along with Logan City Council Deputy Mayor, Lynne Clarke, together with several other dignitaries.

2007: Phramaha Chan Kunang, the Abbot of Wat Thai Buddharam suffered serious health problems and was unable to continue his duties. He sought assistance from  Phra Sophonkanchanaporn, Supervisor of Wat Thai  Melbourne and Wat Thai Buddharam Brisbane, to find a suitable replacement for him. On August 23, 2007,   Phramaha Chonlatish Chanhorm, Pali 9, was appointed as abbot of Wat Thai Buddharam, Brisbane.

In 2011: Phramaha Chonlatish Chanhorm, Pali 9, Abbot and President of the Management Committee of Wat Thai Buddharam, was conferred the name Phra Siphutthiwithet, by His Royal Highness, King Bhumibol Adulyadej, on December 5, 2011.

Currently, Wat Thai Buddharam, under the guidance of Phra Siphutthiwithet, has grown in membership and, due largely to its outreach outside the Thai community, is now well known in Greater Brisbane and Southeast Queensland. It’s Kathina and Songkran Festivals attract numbers in the many thousands. The temple has matured and is now poised to construct an ordination hall, adjacent to the Pavilion. The earthworks for the construction have been fully completed and we are now seeking the assistance from all Buddhist people to help make the hall a reality.


Phra Sri Buddhivitdes

(Phra Maha Chonlatish Apichchanyu)

Abbot of Wat Thai Buddharam Brisbane Australia


Intense in the teachings of Buddhism
Preserving and propagating
Thai cultural traditions





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