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Wat Phra Dhammakaya Western Australia



In the year 2000, Most Ven. Sudham Sudhammo (Phrasudhammayanvidesa) received an invitation to travel to propagate the Buddhist teaching to the Thais and the local people in Western Australia. From then,  the monks from the Sydney Dhammakaya Temple have been circulating to teach Dhamma in WA every month, until the year 2004. The laypeople have joined together to give a Dhamma meditation center to the Dhammakaya Temple with an area of approximately 1 Rai (0.395256916996 acres). This initial Dhamma meditation center was located at 174 Moolanda Boulevard, Kingsley WA. 6026

In year 2005, Most Ven. Sudham Sudhammo (Phrasudhammayanvidesa)  deemed it appropriate to have a teaching monk to be present as morale to the people in WA. Therefore; Phra Tawee Sukito was assigned to be the head of the Dhammakaya Meditation Centre at that time. Since then, the group has increased after that. There are several occurrences and various activities that have been taken in WA Dhammakaya Meditation Centre. We organized social activities such as the Novices Training, Saturday Youth Training, Children’s Day activities and also arranged activities that related to Buddhist merits such as Kathina Ceremony, Pha Pa Ceremony, and Dhamma Practice every Sunday. Due to the rapidly rising number of participants, the initial place was not enough to support the Dhamma practitioners.

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The Great Master’s Day, 3 February 2009.

A significant event arose. The group found a beautiful place and is suitable to build a new temple - 5 acres (12.5 rai) of land which is located in the south of Perth. It’s called “Mandurah”, which is a seaside town. Six months later, the group successfully purchased the new land on 28th July 2009.

After that, the group came together and developed the location in order to support the first Kathina ceremony at the new temple on the 1st of November, 2009. And officially changed its name from “Dhammakaya meditation center” to WAT PHRADHAMMAKAYA OF WA (Western Australia).

Today, it has become a beautiful and shady Dhammakaya temple in Western Australia that is suitable for meditation and for spreading the Dhamma further.

7 Years have passed since Makha Bucha Day, it was the 22nd of February 2016. We have expanded an additional 5 acres (12.5 rai) of land with intention of using this land to be a Buddhist residence. Finally, it becomes 10 acres (25 Rai) in total from two plots of land

วัดพระธรรมกาย เวสเทิร์นออสเตรเลีย | Wat Phra Dhammakaya Western Australia.jpg

Phrakhru Vinayathorn Tawee Sukito

Wat Phra Dhammakaya Western Australia






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Wat Phra Dhammakaya

Western Australia

110 Caponi Rd, Barragup

WA 6209 Australia

Tropical Leaves

Phone :  +61 4305 52516


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