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Let the teachings of the Buddha spread and flourish throughout the territory of the South Pole

It is like planting a lotus to
rejoice on the snow yard

“Go your ways, oh monks,
for the benefit and happiness of many,
out of compassion for the world,
for the good, benefit, and happiness

of deities and humans..."

Christchurch Declaration

20 March 2017

About the Organization

The Union of Thai Shanghas in Oceania


The Union of Thai Sanghas in Oceania will come together to be the center of Buddhism and Buddhist teachings even in the cold land likewise "planting a lotus to bloom on the snow terrace" to flourish and prosper in the South Pole

วัดไทยพุทธาราม นครบริสเบน ประเทศออสเตรเลีย _ Wat Thai Buddharam Brisbane Australia.jpeg
Member Temples
in Oceania

Member temples of the Union of Thai Sanghas in Oceania, including 25 temples;
9 in New Zealand,

14 in Australia, 1 in Botswana, 1 in the Solomon Islands.


1st General

The Union of Thai Sanghas in Oceania has hosted the 1st annual general conference of Thai Dhammaduta International monks around the world on 19 - 20 March 2017



Video "Chaw Khun's Story"

The president of the Union of Thai Sanghas in Oceania is a message, motto, and story to be given as Dhamma gift.

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