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วัดพุทธสามัคคี เมืองบอตสวานา ทวีปแอฟริกา


Wat Buddha Samakhee Botswana or Chinese people in Gaborone calls Bo Hua Temple, was established from the faith of Mr. and Mrs. Loo, a Chinese couple of descent in Botswana, along with international Buddhists including Botswana, Chinese, Sri Lankan people who have faith to build a temple dedicated to Buddhism on the land there were living. However, it was an area where no temples were ever built, therefore, no one had any idea or method and procedure for building a temple, Therefore, later they searched for information on the Internet and found the history of the Wat Buddha Samakhee Christchurch, New Zealand, which deemed their eyes and increased their faith. So, after that, they coordinated with the most venerable Phra Kitti Sophonvides (Sethakic Samahito), the President of Wat Buddha Samakhee Christchurch. At that time he was residing and was the abbot at Wat Nakprok, Phasi Charoen, Bangkok, Thailand.

On the auspicious occasion, Mr. and Mrs. Loo came to meet the most venerable Phra Kitti Sophonvides at Wat Nakprok temple to report that they wish to build a temple along with the pledge to donate approximately 39.5 acres (100 rai) of land on the outskirts of Gaborone, the capital city of Botswana. to be a place to build a temple with the consensus that “Wat Buddha Samakhee, Gaborone, Botswana will be a temple where all Buddhists are united together as one without discriminating neither a Mahayana Buddhist temple nor a Theravada Buddhist Temple” and asked most venerable Phra Kitti Soponwides to preside over the establishment of this temple.

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In the year 2010, Phra Kitti Sophonvides along with the Sangha came to perform the stone-laying foundation ceremony to build the Uposatha (main chapel) as the first building and appointed Phra Ajarn “Phra Khru Palad Mangkorn Panyawutho”, Assistant to the abbot of Wat Nakprok temple (currently Phrakhru Panya Buddhivides), as the abbot of this Wat Buddha Samakhee. After that, various shrines were built, such as monks' residence, bathrooms, kitchens, and temple fences until there were enough buildings and residences for monks to live during the Buddhist Lent.

The inauguration ceremony of the Wat Buddha Samakhee (Wat Bo Hua) in Gaborone, Botswana was officially done on 3 July 2016, including both Theravada and the Mahayana Sangha with many international Buddhists attending the ceremony, such as Botswana, Thais, Chinese, Sri Lankan people, etc.

In the year 2016, in the same year, There were 5 monks who stayed for the first Buddhist Lent, from 3 nationalities: 2 Thai Theravada monks, 1 Vietnamese Theravada monk, and 2 Chinese Mahayana monks.

Phra Kitti Sophonvedes.jpg

Phra Kitti Soponvides (Setthakic Sahito)

President of The Wat Buddha Samakhee Botswana

President of The Union of Thai Sanghas in Oceania

พระครูปัญญาพุทธิวิเทศ photo.jpg

Phrakhru Panya Buddhivides

(Phramaha Mangkorn Panyavutho)

Abbot of Wat Buddha Samakhee Botswana






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Wat Buddha Samakhee

(Wat Bo Hua) Plot 22120 G/West  

Industrial, Gaborone, Botswana

Tropical Leaves

Phone:  +26 7396 0633

Mobile: 090-289-5652

Siam Commercial Bank
"Wat Nakprok for Wat Buddha Samakhee 

No. 058-246518-2

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