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Theravada-Mahayana Buddhism
And Thai-Chinese Culture

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วัดเหมอัศวาราม เมืองลั่วหยาง ประเทศจีน


Hemma Assawaram Temple Under the Maha Nikaya Sangha under the supervision of Wat Saket Ratcha Woramahavihara temple through the Office of Thai Dhammaduta Bhikkhus to Overseas located within the territory of the White Horse Temple. Luoyang City, Henan Province, People's Republic of China. It has an area of approximately 2.7 acres (7 Rai).

The beginning of the construction of the temple came from the initiative of His Holiness Somdej Phra Buddhacharya (Kiew Upaseno),  Former Chairperson of the Supreme Sangha Former abbot of Wat Saket royal palace They wished that the Thai Theravada monks and the Chinese Mahayana monks had good religious relations with each other.

Hema Assawaram Temple Construction began in 1992 by constructing a Thai-style marble vihara, inside enshrined a replica of the Buddha statue (Buddha Chinnarat) with a lap size of 109 inches, a height of 7.2 inches, the weight of 8 tons, with a gold pouring ceremony at Wat Bowonniwet Vihara. Somdej Phra Yannasangwon His Holiness The Supreme of Thai Sangha (Charoen Suwathana Maha Thera) was the chairman of the ceremony. The Buddha statue was summoned to enshrine and perform the opening ceremony along with celebrating the Thai temple at the White Horse Temple, Luoyang City, Henan Province, the People's Republic of China on October 31, 1997. Therefore, it is considered that the seeds of Theravada Buddhism have been sown on the land of the dragon. since then

Later in the year 2009, Mr. Wattana Asavahem had faith to restore the old Vihara and build more sanctuaries together with the request to support all construction costs. Under the agreement as follows:

1. When the Thai temple is completed Thai temples must be the exclusive right of Wat Ma Khao only.
2. The creation must be completed at one time. Do not leave a part of it and then build more later.
3. Money used in the construction of Thai temples Do not use the collection system to create Only need money from Mr. Wattana or his family. 
4. Once the temple construction is complete, Thai monks must come to study, exchange, and learn about Buddhism and Chinese culture.
5. When Thai monks come Do not use Thai temples as a source of exploitation of any kind.


Somdej Phra Buddhachan Former Chairperson of the Supreme Patriarch Former abbot of Wat Saket royal palace, Therefore, the decree assigns Phra Brahmasit, a member of the Supreme Sangha Council. Abbot of Wat Saket as a coordinator with China and assign Phra Thepsitthi Kosol Abbot of Wat Phlapphlachai as the chairman of the construction supervisor with the construction of additional sanctuaries and the old Thai wihan has been modified to be the chapel and has been restored to be properly Thai style Moreover, it has been carried out in accordance with the Dharma and Discipline. Monks can perform the Sangha correctly according to the style of Thai Theravada monks in all respects.


Therefore, the ceremony was held between 20 - 22 July 2012 by Chao Prakhun Somdej Phra Buddhachan (Kiaw Upaseno), former chairman of the Supreme Patriarch. Has an order assigned to Chao Prakhun Somdej Phra Phutthachinwong Director of the Sangha Council The abbot of Wat Phichaya Yatakaram came to preside over the ceremony. and the official ceremony of Wat Hem Asavaram was attended by Thai monks, Chinese monks, representatives of the Chinese government. And Buddhists who traveled from Thailand to join the event only on September 26, 2014, can be said that Wat Hema Asawaram is a Thai temple that is beautiful according to Buddhist art. It is correct according to the style of Thai architecture. And is the first Thai temple on the land of the dragon that is legally the People's Republic of China in all respects. This is the beginning of the history of Buddhism in the two lands since then. At present, Phrakhru Vinayathron Phumin Jakkaratano; Assistant Abbot of Wat Nakprok Phasicharoen Bangkok is president monk.

Somdej Keaw.jpg

His Holiness Somdej Phra Buddhajahn

(Kaew Upaseno)

Former Chairperson of the Supreme Sangha

Former abbot of Wat Saket royal palace

พระครูวินัยธรภูมินทร์ วัดเหมอัศวาราม.JPG

Phrakhru Vinayathron Phumin Jakkaratano

Assistant Abbot of Wat Nakprok Bangkok

The president of Sangha of Wat Hema Assawaram






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Hema Asawaram Temple

Luoyang City, Henan Province

People's Republic of China

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Thailand : +66 9969 3567

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